Why Choose Haze Contractors…

Piece of Mind

Our thorough security checks give you complete piece of mind.


We offer a fast, friendly and honest commercial cleaning service.

Out of Hours

We can hold a spare set of keys, allowing us to work out of hours

Scheduled Invoicing

Flexible invoicing.You don’t have to worry payments on the day as we offer flexible invoicing.

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Office Cleaning

We know that a clean, tidy environment helps productivity and lets everyone that you are proud of your space. We are flexible and accomodate your needs.

Event Cleaning

From single room small events to large scale public gatherings, we provide cleaning services for a range of venues, before, during and after your event.

Restaurants & Bars

We pay close attention to the Health and Safety protocols needed to successfully work with Restaurant, Bar and Pub cleaning contracts. We offer clients true piece of mind.

Sports & Leisure

Hygiene is the most important consideration. Sports halls, temporary spaces, gymnasiums and sports facilities are cleaned ensure no surprises remain.

Commercial Cleaning Service Throughout the South East

Haze Cleaning Contractors is based on the Surrey, Sussex borders offering comercial cleaning services to businesses throughout the South East. We have extensive expereince giving us a unique approach to commercial cleaning clients. We are proud of what we do and would love to hear from you.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on the quality of commercial cleaning service we offer our clients. We are flexible and apprieciate that the needs of our clients can change at any point. We place the highest standards on building a relationship with our clients and understanding the importance of our role within your organisation.

Areas Covered

Crawley, Horley, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Gatwick, Dorking, Billingshurst and Pulborough.